I'm sure you've seen this image below...but what could it be saying? There are several interpretations. I rather like the one that says Donald=Dorothy.  He got swept up in the events of the 20th and 21st century...including the left brain way of raising children. He was ripped away from his Inner Being at birth and thrown to the left brain lions. We all were ripped away. He knew truth when he was born (as do all of us) but those around him/us   brainwashed/gaslighted him into believing a very limiting set of beliefs. The same ones they were brainwashed/gaslighted into believing as children.  The very limiting short-range , superficial thinking is the  tornado of self-destruction that has turned the 20th/21st centuries into.... ...THE NEW DARK AGES. There is a storm raging. So all of us were brainwashed/gaslighted into off-loading our True Knowing, and espousing the fad/thinking of  the left hemisphere...of using it almost exclusively. Its our male mind